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Beneficial Funding

Rated 4.7 out of 5

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Rates as low as 1.9% APR up to $100,000

The Good

  • Fees and charges are less than the competition; regularly the most competitively priced debt reduction provider nationally.

  • Comprehensive and informative website, providing potential customers with in-depth information about the process.

  • Provides support and counseling to try to prevent the situation from happening again in the future

When it comes to dealing with a debt reduction provider, every penny helps. The fact that Beneficial Funding charges lower fees makes them an excellent choice for many people.

When you are drowning in debt, unsure of where to turn, and scared about the future, it can be easy to make bad decisions, driven by emotion rather than logic. For many people debt consolidation is the perfect solution – it brings all of your debt into one loan, provides you with smaller, more manageable payments, and can drastically reduce the amount of money owed. This is because whichever company you choose, negotiates with creditors to lower the total debt, sometimes by as much as 30 percent. Debt consolidation is a much better alternative than filing for bankruptcy; it does not damage your credit rating as drastically and helps people to move forward with their life with hope. There are always alternatives in life, no matter how bleak the situation may at first appear, so before anyone files for bankruptcy, it is worth investigating debt consolidation as an option.

Fees and Charges

As with any financial product, the devil is in the detail, so before choosing any debt consolidation product or company, it is critical to evaluate the overall price you will pay. Beneficial Funding can typically reduce your total debt by about 55 percent, but they charge a fee of about 18 to 25 percent of your overall debt. These means that after fees, your debt will be reduced by about 30 percent which is one of the critical factors anyone looking at a debt consolidation loan should compare. Although the fees might sound high, and they are, comparatively speaking Beneficial Funding offers some of the most competitive rates in the country and in our opinion should be one of the first companies to be considered.

Excellent Website

For many people in a bad financial situation, the thought of speaking with someone fills them with fear and anxiety. Although they may have ended up in their current financial predicament through no fault of their own, due to redundancy, divorce, or maybe a medical issue, the sense of shame and embarrassment can provide a barrier to finding a solution. The Beneficial Funding website is one of the most informative sites in the industry; it is full of information, which is well-written, easy to follow and attempts to answer virtually every question that anyone considering debt consolidation might ask. Beneficial Funding deserves serious praise for this as it is an area often neglected by many companies who seem to be more focused on getting potential customers on the telephone, which may not be the best option for everyone.

Although debt consolidation programs are an excellent solution for many people, in horrible and distressing situations, they do come with some serious consequences. Beneficial Funding is open and honest about these consequences, on the website, which in our opinion is commendable. Many of their competitors choose to gloss over the negative aspects of these type of products, but Beneficial Funding does not believe in this type of strategy, which is praiseworthy.

Support and Counseling

Research has shown that success with money is 10 percent knowledge and 90 percent behavior, and one of the key components of Beneficial Funding is the fact that they are not interested in repeat customers. Their opinion is that if a customer comes back to them for a second or third time, they have failed as a company. That is why they put so much effort into educating their customers, providing support and guidance for them, and even a counseling service, which is focused on changing financial habits so that the same problems are not repeated further down the line. In our opinion, this is an excellent service offered by Beneficial Funding and is a well thought out strategy not only to solve a current problem but a genuine attempt to prevent future problems.

The Bad

  • No online chat option, forcing customers to pick up the phone to speak to someone

  • The process can be quite slow and methodical.

No Online Chat Option

Beneficial Funding has decided to use their website as the primary source of information. As mentioned above it is an excellent resource, well written and full of valuable content. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, they do not offer an online chat facility, and in our opinion, this could be a negative for some people. People like to digest information differently, and not everyone wants to read lots and lots of information to get the answers to their questions. Although there is an option to pick up the phone and call the company, we feel that the lack of an online chat option is a negative for Beneficial Funding. In our opinion debt consolidation companies should provide as many options to potential clients as possible, and the lack of an online facility is one that should be rectified as soon as possible.

Slow and Methodical Process

Beneficial Funding is one of the most caring and socially responsible companies in the industry. They are laser-focused on providing the best possible service, and giving their customers the necessary support and guidance to get out of their debt problems on a permanent basis. Unfortunately, this focus can mean that the process is a little bit slower than some of its competitors. It might be harsh to mark Beneficial Funding down for this because they are trying to do the right thing, but some potential customers may be frustrated by this due to their desperation to dig themselves out of debt as quickly as possible.


Beneficial Funding is an excellent company with a clear moral and social compass. They are focused on helping their customers in the short and long term and invest in education and counseling to achieve these aims. They charge some of the lowest fees on the market, and we feel they are one of the best companies in the industry for debt consolidation. Highly Recommended!

Contact Information

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Address: Beneficial Funding, 101 S. Reid St., Suite 307, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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Rated 4.7 out of 5
4.7 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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benfun 432

Beneficial Funding

Beneficial Funding is an excellent company with a clear moral and social compass. They are focused on helping their customers in the short and long term and invest in education and counseling to achieve these aims.

Exceptional, honest guidance on taxes.

Rated 4 out of 5
October 2, 2019

Exceptional, honest guidance on taxes. Very informative and knowledgeable with all the new tax laws and regulations.

Avatar for Ryan H
Ryan H

Nothing else like it!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 19, 2019

Nothing else like it! After difficulties and failure at fixing my credit myself, I researched several programs and debt consolidation companies, to find most of them high pressure fast talking without a real care for helping me fix my credit.

Avatar for Mia L
Mia L

Fast and reliable company!

Rated 5 out of 5
September 14, 2019

Fast and reliable company! When my credit score got messed up (due to no fault of my own) I contacted Beneficial Funding and they were my saviors!

Avatar for John P
John P






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